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            Add: 10 Qinggong Road No.2, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China 
            Tel: +86-757-83981345
            Fax: +86-757-82218181

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            Foshan Chiral Pharmaceutical——China excellent manufacturer of ranitidine capsule 

            Foshan Chiral Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Chancheng district of Foshan City. Chiral Pharmaceutical is a new and high-tech enterprise specialized in scientific research, manufacturing and selling of high-standard family common medicine. The plant covers an area of 30,000 square meters. There are over 200 employees, including, 35% or above with bachelor degree or above and 20% with senior and medium professional titles. There are soft capsule workshop, hard capsule workshop, tablet workshop, solution preparation workshop, external linimentum workshop, traditional Chinese medicine pre-treatment workshop and extraction workshop. And we have world advanced production equipments, such as, Italy IMA full-automatic capsule filling machine, Canada CTIsoft capsule production line, Germany BOSSPAK packaging production line and other testing instruments and facilities, for example, HPLC.

            Chiral Pharmaceutical was developed based on Foshan Pharmaceutical Planted in 1959, which was a famous pharmaceutical factory in southern part of China even in China at that time. Later it became a subsidiary corporation of Actavis Group, world No.8 generic drug giants, through several times of system optimization. In 2014, it was renamed as Foshan Chiral Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. after being bought by Zhejiang Chiral Medical Group. In 2016, Chiral Pharmaceutical realized strategic recombination with Yongtai Technology and achieved resources sharing.

            Chiral Pharmaceutical mainly researches, manufactures and sells chemical preparations and traditional Chinese preparations. We have got 78 approval products from CFDA, multiple exclusive products and branded products. Our products cover field of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, antibiotics, children’s drug, and reproductive health.

            From Actavis to Chiral, We always work up to high standards and strict requirements. Nowadays there is quality management system up to European and American standards.



            Our star gastrointestinal medicine, Ranal brand ranitidine, its interior quality standard is superior to British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopeia, Chinese pharmacopoeia. And it has special moisture proofing formula, which promotes safety of drugs and reduces drug costs for patients. Our Amoxicillin suspensions, all the indexes are superior to national standard, and wins trust from professional doctors. Chiral also has an in-depth study and abundant experience on soft capsule production. Representative products: Maren Ruanjiaonang, Wuzi Yanzong Ruanjiaonang, Xueha Chongcao Ruanjiaonang and etc.

            In future, Chiral will aim at “becoming leader in China high-standard family common used medicine.

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