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            To become innovation-driven enterprise, to build brand enterprise position in the industry, to become high-standard benchmarking enterprise of family used medicine. Chiral Pharmaceutical gains market reorganization in Europe and America.

            In 2016



            Joined Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Limited Liability Company

            In 2014



            Foshan Chiral Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

            In 2005



            Actavis (Foshan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

            In 2001



            Alpharm(Foshan)pharmaceutial Co.,ltd

            In 1994



            Foshan Kangbaoshun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

            Joint-ventured by Foshan Pharmaceutical Plant, Foshan Youlian Medical Co., Ltd. and Australia Faulding Pharmaceutical Group


            In 1990



            Foshan Youlian Medical Co., Ltd.

            In 1958



            Foshan Pharmaceutical Plant 

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